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Once, when I wanted to do something good for my wife and myself, I decided to look for a nice weekend for two. I wanted a bit of wellness, a musical performance and an overnight stay. At first, I searched in all portals for a wellness opportunity. I was amazed that already went around as much as 2 hours until I finally found something nice and inexpensive. It should be 45 minutes Floating followed by a visit to a swimming pool. Next, I booked two tickets for a musical. It was interesting to find out which back doors are available to get a few percent discount. That also took about 1 hour. At the end came the hotel booking. Again, you had a lot of concerns and research. After 3 hours I was satisfied and could finish the reservation. After that long and exhausting procedure, I thought it would not be nice for someone else to take care of it all. And that's how the idea of ​​MyAgent came about.

“Because I think time is the most important asset we have.”

Sven Maarfeld
Founder & Personal Trainer

Who is MyAgent?

MyAgent offers you all-round support in many areas. Whether you are planning a trip or want to make an appointment with your family or your doctor – we’ll take care of it. We also take care of your restaurant reservations, the search for gifts or your fashion shopping. We can fulfill all everyday tasks and wishes for you – while you enjoy your time. We want to make your life easier with our various agents – so you can see us as your personal agent.

What does MyAgent do?

We do everything you want. In five areas we take care of your concerns. At every day of the week. We carry out research, make appointments or carry out a price comparison for you. We also take orders or bookings for you – so you have more time for the really important things and still be sure to get the best deals. We will find perfect solutions for you for a small price!

How does this work?

To take advantage of MyAgent’s offer, you can simply place an order through our website or the many other options. You tell us about the right agent with just what you have for wishes and provide all the necessary information. Afterwards we take care of your wishes.

At your request, we also like to do the booking and purchase processes for you. All invoices and confirmations will be forwarded by us by e-mail and are thus always up to date. Your own e-mail address will not be forwarded at any time.

You can order us from anywhere. Of course, we also take care of if you are looking for a hotel in Melbourne, a restaurant in Miami or want to go out in Cape Town.

Our service is funded through membership packages. These will expire automatically and will NOT be automatically renewed. There are various packages to choose from.

If you register here with your e-mail address, you can try our service completely free for one time. Our TEAM will go through with you step by step, so that you get your job completed to the fullest satisfaction.

Ready to test MyAgent?

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