You need to find a gift soon, but just can’t think of anything or time is rapidly running out? We’re on hand to take over the task for you.

We'll take care of it if you want to give someone something and look for the right gift for them. We send you three suggestions based on your information. We are happy to take over the entire order process for you and either send the gift to you or send it to the lucky one on your behalf.

Birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries or Christmases? Tell us the occasion you need a gift finding for and you’ll quickly receive three suggestions based on your wishes to choose from. Is it a romantic gift, a gift for a relative or for a colleague? Is the recipient a technology freak or a bookworm?  Could it be something unusual or preferably something plain, yet with “heart and soul”? No matter what type of gift, what occasion and who is involved, we’ll find the right gift for you. Or rather: the right gift for your nearest and dearest, friends or colleagues.

We’ll also take care of the whole order process – relieving you of the stress of having to search through stores, check product availability, sign up to various online stores, make the purchase yourself and then deal with all the newsletters and spam emails afterwards. Now you’ve got your shopping agent to do all that for you.

Would you like to have the gift in your own hands before and perhaps even wrap it yourself? Then we’ll send the present directly to you. Naturally, we can also send it to the lucky person – under your name, of course.   

Book your agent now: a professional who will take care of your gifts! You can use the time you gain from not having to search for other things like traveling and spending time with your loved ones. Giving gifts has never been so easy! Contact us.

Since the team was able to help me a lot with the last planning for the Christmas party, I approached MyAgent again this time. For our employees, we wanted to have a small but meaningful gift for the 30th anniversary of the company. We did not have time now. Therefore, MyAgent was again the first choice.



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